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Hello all. My name is Rudi, already active on

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Hello. Was looking for your experiences with summer tyres in size 225/40 R18 XL. Which one from below list of all good tyres would you prefer, if you want a quiet and comfortable ride and yet have good grip in hot summer conditions and on winding roads, but also in the rain and on the highways?

I know, all these opposite qualities are hard to combine in one tyre, but still... do you have any experience with (any of) these?

I have the Conti's now and am quite happy with them for their grip (except for the noise), but they need to be replaced (again). And I worry about their treadwear, cause I think they're not all 4 from the first set as I have a mix of the 3 and 5 series. This was already so when I bought the car when it had only 25000 km's. And the Superb Combi II feels like it leans very heavily on the outer front wheel when sharp cornering in hairpins or so. So it tends to eat the front tyres quickly, I think. Even when inflated properly, at 2.7 bar. So any advise on the quieter but yet more durable tyre please, if possible at all?

Initially I was going for the Michelin without any hesitation (have good experience with the Primacy in 16 inch, but that's a different tyre) and after some research my choice would now be the Goodyear EF1, which seems to beat the Michelin PS3 in tests. And the others too, sometimes and in some disciplines. Except for the Pirelli PZN perhaps.

So, any advice pls? Thank you very much!



Continental SportContact 5               (CSC5)

Dunlop Sport Maxx RT                      (DSMR)

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetrical 2  (GEF1)

Michelin Pilot Sport 3                         (MPS3)

Nokian Z Line                                     (NZLN)

Pirelli P Zero Nero                              (PPZN)




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